“You are a tremendous help in this journey of mine of becoming the person who I want/meant to be. I am so glad I met you, you are a blessing.”-H,W.L.A.


“I had a reading with Evelyn for the first time, her presence put me at ease, and her reading was accurate in a way that gave me a happy surprise at the end. She saw a healer (John of God) that was working with me long-distance during the reading, which I wasn’t aware of until much later when I traveled overseas to see the healer in person; when I looked back on the reading and noted her accuracy, I was amazed at the synchronicity, how spirit does work outside of time and space, and the importance of “faith” in spiritual healing.  Evelyn has such a bright aura and she carries her joy when conducting readings, she is the one to go to for your current concerns that you are inquiring within your heart and mind; she sees multiple layers of reality that is at work simultaneously, and she thoughtfully shared that information in love and grace; one cannot miss the element of light-heartedness she brings into a reading, she will not make you cry, she might make you shed a few happy tears, or one calls “holy tears”, in the presence of your inner knowing of truth.  She will help you see the light that is already within, the answers are already there, by pointing them out to you in a surprisingly synchronistic manner! Evelyn is an uplifter, a joyful reader you can trust.”-Priya, Hilo,HI


“This was an amaaazing day. Evelyn is truly gifted. I’ve heard so many good things about her, she’s an amazing lady. Everything she shared was right on target, I will definitely be back!! Thank you so much for that beautiful message and the extra information I need to take my spiritual awareness to the next level. I truly appreciate you so much you’re such an inspiration. I know that your’e defiantly brought to my life to help me grow & become aware with a lot that I need to learn and becoming aware of the choices I make. It’s gettin easier, as I know & am continuing to learn what’s healthy for me… why I chose sometimes less ‘healthy stuff. And thank heavens I have You and my Spirit guides. A heartfelt thank you, may God bless you richly”-Heather,L.A.


“I very much appreciate the session. I’ve spent the past few days digesting the information you revealed to me. I’m much more at ease about things. And, I see a much happier future. Thanks again”-J,Westminster


“It was an amazing experience. Evelyn is a gifted and talented medium. Everything she said was accurate and insightful. I feel blessed to have attended.”-S


“O my God !, my reading was more than amazing. My Angels and Arc Angel Michael came thru. It was such an accurate reading. Evelyn gave me so many positive and happy messages about my present and future life. The stuff that came thru about my job and was crazy……..I am so happy. She picked up on a past live that I had as an Indian. I am having reoccurring dreams of this past life that were confusing to me. Evelyn gave me clarity on that past life………so AMAZING! I am hooked; I can’t wait to do it again.”-J,Ontario


“It was a truly an honor to meet Evelyn. She was such a sweet and gifted woman. My reading was in depth and accurate. I will definitely get another reading from her. Thank you Evelyn”-Vanessa,Garden Grove


“I’ve taken to heart the things you mentioned to me about Jake (doggie pal) and have been making time to spend more quality time him. Thank you for the wake-up call. He is very important to me and I want him happy and healthy. Thanks, again.”-Jean,South Bay


“Thank you for sharing your gift with each of us. I think we all found it to be an enlightening and positive experience.”-Denise,Foothill Ranch


“It was great meeting you! Thank you so much for the reading, it helped a lot. All the best.”-Oksana, W.L.A.


“It was very comforting for me to hear what you had to say, and I have just felt better about the whole situation. I have to say Sapphie (kitty pal),  she has seemed quite well since you were here.”-Kicki, Playa del Rey


Evelyn is a heartfelt and deeply sensitive medium. Her reading re-connected me to a beloved friend and caretaker who died when I was still a child. I could feel her huge hug coming through Evelyn! It brought tears to my eyes. Love”-Meg, Kona,HI


I have stopped updating this page…I love all the feedback I receive and appreciate the kind, heart-felt words from ALL my clients around the planet. In gratitude to you all!