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*Private Reading Sessions are done by REFERRAL ONLY.*

I have several options for you to consider as part of my Spirit Message Reading Services. Private, Group Reading Sessions or I also offer a Party Reading Sessions. All Sessions are conducted in the privacy of your home. If you live out of the Orange County, L.A. County or San Diego County areas, you can contact me to make arrangements for a Phone Reading Session.

*If you’re interested in my Reading Services and do not have a referral contact, please do feel free to contact me to make arrangements for a Phone Reading Session.*

*Check Upcoming Events for SPECIALS & DISCOUNTS!*


An individual Private Reading Session is an hour and usually longer, which I encourage you to record.
The rate is $200.00.

Over the hour rate is $25.00 per 15 minutes or less increment.

Hypnosis Sessions: $100.00 conducted with a Private Reading


A Group Reading  Session is a FUN & interesting way to spend time with your friends or family! There are a few benefits as a group of 2 or more guests.

By hosting the group, I discount your Session.
Each person will receive an hour long, individual Session which I encourage each participant to record.
I also discount your friend’s Sessions as well since you would be booked all on the same date, at the same place.

The rate for you as host of a Group Session is $150.00
The rate per person, in your group is $175.00


A Party Reading Session would be an 1 ½ to 2 hours, for as many people as you want to host!

With the opportunity for a question & answer time for each guest regarding my method of Mediumship, how I receive Angel/ Past Life/ Spirit Guide messages. Most people have never met a Medium!
Spontaneous messages for each guest…individual messages given in the group setting.

The rate for this option is: $400.00
If you invite 10 friends & divide the cost you each pay $40.00 for an afternoon or evening of Spiritual awareness!


Phone Reading  Sessions…

We schedule an appointment for you to call me for your Reading Session.

The rate is $200.00 for an hour which you pre-pay before we start your Reading.

You can decide to extend your Reading.
Over the hour rate is $25.00 per 15 minutes or less increment.


Things to know…

I’m currently booked 1-2 weeks out but I do have a flexible schedule to provide for Readings that are of an urgent nature.

I encourage you to record your session…the easiest way is with your phone app. You may also ask questions during your Reading and if there are specific issues you wish to address do feel free to do so.

This does not in any way replace medical treatment of any sort.

Please visit the Disclosure page for more information.

Accepted payment by check, cash and most Credit Cards (PayPal).