HeartSwirly Departed Spirits can get “left behind” for various reasons. A traumatic death…a life lived in negativity or regret, can cause a loved one or someone completely unknown to us in this life to stay behind instead of crossing over. The Spirit may be afraid & confused or simply refuse to accept moving forward to the Spirit Realm. These disturbances can be frightening to say the least. A Spirit’s presence is a “cry for help” to be directed Home continuing their Soul Journey.

Clearing a Spirit(s) presence is done with an on-site assessment, including your possible role in their presence. A follow-up phone consultation is also part of process to further promote balance, peace of mind & well-being.

A Cleansing Ceremony may be added as an additional step.

This is a traditional, sacred ceremony to help guide Spirits on their way. The exact details will be discussed during your initial phone consultation. Arrangements will be made to include this ceremony during your on-site visit.

At least 1 ½-2 hours should be allowed for assessment and the Clearing process and may be a longer when the Cleansing Ceremony is included.

House/Space Clearing is $400.00