I’ve had Mediumship & psychic abilities all my life. Coming to terms with knowing this is my true destiny,  being of service…adding healing  Light to the planet is my Life’s Purpose. Accepting this as part of my path has Blessed my life in so many ways…it has been healing on many levels for me as well as manifesting into tangible results. I’m merely someone who has accepted the Divine energy that is all around each of us…this is within us all…believing this is part of our Divine birthright to have communication as well as a connection with Spirit…that all humans have had since our very first Earth life. I just “remember” more than others, I suppose, using these Spiritual skills in many of  my Past Lives which allows my energy field to be adjusted, aligned to accept messages from beyond this life. There is no death…our bodies become as we began, a part of stardust from the Creator. Our Souls which is our very essence…live on to learn from our life times of existence, never ending. I clearly know this for a fact because I am able to see & I’m given messages from those that have made the transition we all will make…at the appropriate time.

I’m an Energy Worker on many levels, as a Reiki Master…a Certified Hypnotherapist…a Past Life IntuitiveIntuitive Life Purpose Coach…a Pet Communicator…and an Angel Therapy Medium.

I consider myself a conduit for Spiritual energy, which is defined as:

Clairvoyant (SEES)

Clairaudient (HEARS) and

Clairsentient (FEEL or knowing)

I see energy…orbs, angels, departed loved ones, I speak to and hear Spirit…Angels & Guides. I also have prophetic dreams…some have taken years to validate and Spirit speaks thru me as well, which is known as channeling or a trance mediumship. The messages from Spirit are spontaneous. The words are not mine. I merely translate the images, accept the information telepathically and relay the messages which is unique to each person I’ve come in contact with to assist. The messages can be about something happening in the present…future or guidance to take immediate action…or perhaps seeing a Past Life…these are messages of love and comfort that come from relatives and pets that have crossed over or from your Spirit Guides & Angels that are always for your highest & greatest good…being made aware yet allowing you to decide how to use this information.

What has always been validating is that I do get Spirit messages for myself!  Now I  realize that this ability that has always guided and enriched my life so much, can be beneficial to any one that allows me to retrieve information from Spirit on their behalf. This work is done with the highest regard understanding how precious this contact, information truly is.

I’ve met & studied with world renowned Medium and Angel guidance “authority”, Doreen Virtue numerous times including an Angel Intuitive workshop and was fortunate enough to attend her very last class in Kona, Hawaii having received certification as an Angel Therapy Medium®. I have also studied with Mediums Sonia Choqutte as well as James Van Praugh. My Spiritual awareness also includes completing a Primordial Sound Meditation workshop with Deepak Chopra and meeting both don Miguel Ruiz and his son don Jose Ruiz at their seminars. Meeting Europe’s “Angel Lady” & orb energy expert, Diana Cooper was a thrill as well. I’m also pleased to say I’ve been blessed to have been asked to volunteer at several seminars for Patricia Cota-Robles. My divine connection with many people world-wide continues to expand & enhance my awareness…I AM so grateful!

I look forward to meeting with you and being a part of your Spiritual path.

-Evelyn Lake