Spirit Messages, Reading Sessions & Soul Fulfillment Therapy Disclosure 


I am participating in an Angel Therapy Mediumship®/ Psychic/
Past life Intuitive Session or Soul Fulfillment Therapy with Evelyn Lake
with full understanding that I requested this session for my personal growth.

This service is not to be construed as psychotherapy,
mental health treatment or in any way imply to replace
medical treatment of any sort. I understand that the information
offered is a reflection of what the Angels and my Spirit Guides
as well as my higher self wish me to know, but does not constitute
a prediction of my future.

I am at full choice about how I make use of this information.
Evelyn Lake holds no responsibility for how I respond to
this information with regard to myself and others in the future.
Sessions are for self-improvement, learning, and relaxation. These sessions
are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.
No medical claims are intended, expressed or implied.
I have been told that I may record my session & there are times
when the session does not record in part or full.
I accept this as part of the Angelic, Spiritual process knowing that this outcome
is part of my unique experience in this session.

I agree that my feedback regarding my session may be shared by
Evelyn in verbal and written form.
I also understand that absolutely no personal identifying information
will ever be shared.