Happy Solstice!

Written on June 21, 2013

 I was awakened early this morning to the whispers of Angelic voices with a message to share…something to ponder in honor of the Solstice.  I offer this message with loving gratitude, immense joy & appreciation to Mother Earth & her Oceans, Father Sky, GrandMother Moon & Creator…   Everyone reading this, has made a conscious decision to…

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My “word” for this year…

Written on January 12, 2013

I stopped making resolutions awhile ago…not because I think they’re useless or that I for one, don’t need to “improve” myself, life, circumstances or any other matter. I instead choose to enhance the start of a new year…which seem to be occurring more quickly than I recall in past years, with a word or phrase to explore. As…

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2013…best new year EVER!

Written on January 1, 2013

As this year ticks away the memories that come to mind are quite intense in each direction of the “fun scale”. What a “WTF” year it has been. So many blessings that were granted yet with some of those “blessings” as reminders that even, no especially, the events that are not in the “fun” category…

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Best craft-show ever!

Written on December 2, 2012

I usually have no problem being sociable or at least giving a smile to perfect strangers. But when you see a FAMOUS person strolling by & he is who he IS… someone who really has enhanced your life in ways that are so basic but have made such a profound impact and this sentence could…

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No one ever disappoints me…anymore

Written on November 30, 2012

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Now you know…

Written on November 19, 2012

OK here it is…I see dead people… and angels…AND they talk to me. I’m not crazy or on any medication to prevent this activity. Truthfully,I love that this Spiritual awareness is such a major part of my life…now. It took me quite a long time to admit and share this. Even people I’ve know for…

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